Our Mission

We strive everyday to create and maintain excellent, quality service to our breweries, our retail partners, and our employees. Brown Bag Beverage partners with people that are passionate about their craft and we help them realize their goals and build their business. We know that great products need to be coupled with great service and great people in order to recognize true success and we strive everyday to wow our partners and customers, while bringing great beer to California.

Who we are

  • Brown Bag Beverage Co brings great beer and great service to your door.
  • BBB Partners with CA brewers to bring their beer out of the tasting room and into restaurants and bottle stores around CA.
  • BBB believes that great service is as important as great beer. No customer is too small to appreciate quality beer and quality service.
  • BBB is a solution for the small start up that must control their capacity and wants to hand pick their distribution channel.
  • BBB is a distribution solution for a larger co that is as passionate about quality customer service as they are about quality craft beer.